Why do the right wing newspapers support Brexit?

29 November 2019

Someone mentioned on Twitter the other day how the older generation usually voted Conservative. They said it was because people become wiser with age. Now I'm not saying there is no wisdom with age, but I believe the real reason is because the majority read the Daily Mail or Express newspapers. These offer a skewed version of the news, heavily weighted in favour of the Conservative party.

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Check your MPs voting record

28 November 2019

Before you decide who to vote for out of the candidates in your local area, it would be good to check the voting record of your current MP, or of the leaders of the different parties.

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Network rail in over £50bn of debt due to privatisation

27 November 2019

There's been some talk in the right wing press about how Labours plan to nationalise our public services would be bad for the country. Little of this talk however is based on fact or takes into account the current situation with many of our public services run by private companies.

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Last day to register to vote

26 November 2019

Today is the last day you can register to vote before the next general election.

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Conservative manifesto fact checked

25 November 2019

The website fullfact.org have an article fact checking the Conservative manifesto. Along with the 50,000 extra nurses that turned out to be not true they also reveal more about what getting Brexit done actually means and the real figures behind the extra 20,000 police officers.

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